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the cyclists (and a couple of drivers too)

Time to meet this year's team, and to welcome the new team members. Click on the thumbnail for a better view and let's introduce:





Chris Welsh - member of the original Red Pouches and leader of the team, seen here at the summit of Ben Nevis


Paul Blacktop - long standing member of the team, ready for the challenge of a sore backside.


Peter Reynolds - the driving force behind this year's arrangements - thanks Pete !


Paul Taylor - our Ironman competitor and fourth time Red Pouch member - cool picture !



Steve Ratcliff
- third time as Team member having done the London to Cambridge Cycle Ride in 2007 and 2008. Good to have you back Steve.

Craig Abbs
- second year on the team, with key support vehicle role


Alok Sharma - new team member and up for the challenge. You handsome thing you !


Simon Crow, third year on the Team, and the only non Royal Mail team member. This is Simon at the bottom of Snowdon at last year's 3 Peaks Challenge.


James Tully - new man on the team this year, and a keen cyclist - expecting great things James

Phil Stanbridge
- another new man on the team, and really keen to get involved - welcome Phil

Chris Clingham
- demonstrating what driving these guys does to you - Mr Exhausted from last year's challenge (thanks to Lynn for capturing this fantastic shot)


Eddie Baby Thompson - long standing team member but couldn't do last year, so welcome back - nice top Eddie !


Carl Hillen - one of the Cambridge DO boys who join the team this year - welcome Carl everyone !

Richard Baronowski - just back from his 3 Peaks adventure, and keen to join the team. Welcome to The Baron !!

Phil "Barney" Barnard - making a triumphant return to the team having done the London to Cambridge a couple of times

Robert "Nobby" Allsop - another of the PDO boys who comes into the team for the challenge. Sometimes known as Noddy too !

Two honorary members of the team who were great fun to be with during the weekend.

Welcome to ZoŽ and Wendy from Royal Mail units in Leicestershire.

Zoe Barker

Wemdy Walker

Look forward to you joining us in next year's challenge.

Keep the weekend of 23 July 2011 free !!

ZoŽ Barker

Wendy Walker
















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