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the 2007 challenge

This year again we are focussing on the London to Cambridge Cycle Ride. The event is scheduled for Sunday 22 July, and training has already started.

This year's event is going to be even better and bigger for us. Up to now (May Bank Holiday) we have got 78 cyclists committing to take part in the 50 mile route.

The group this year will include many more of our work colleagues, including a few that we've pulled out of retirement, a couple of local postmasters, and we have also joined up with some other Cambridge businesses who supported us last year through sponsorship, but who want to take part in the ride itself this year. They will become honorary posties for the day of the event.

Once we have final details of everyone taking part, we'll publicise it here.

We will be looking for sponsorship soon, and are hoping to attract quite a bit of publicity given how many of us are going to be involved, but rather than just asking for normal sponsorship, we're going to be selling postcards specially designed for the event by one of our team, Barry Smissen, and these cards will come with us on our journey on our bikes, to be delivered in Cambridge the day after the event. Here's the postcard and stamp image.

Each postcard we sell at 1.00 will also have a special event stamp on it as well and so could become a bit of a collector's item.


Each cyclist will be selling the cards before the event, and they will also be available at a few outlets in Cambridge so that we can raise as much money as possible.

You can buy the postcard and special stamp, by simply emailing us at the following address - postcards@redpouches.org.uk. 1.00 gets you this limited product and special stamp.

If you'd like to take part in the event, either cycling or helping on the day, please let any of the people listed at the end of this page know. The more the merrier. Transport for you and your bicycle to London will be provided, and we will also have support vehicles on the road in case you need some help. All team and individual entry fees will be paid for you, so all we need is your effort on the day.

To take part or to help, you can email the following contacts. Click on the name to launch your email client.

The Red Pouches


2007 update

There's a host of additional information, photographs, memories of the event, and a diary of the build up on four more pages. Click here to see these additional bits.

Additionally, we still have a supply of the special stamps designed for this event. We are still able to let you have these in sheets of 20 stamps. Click here to email us for more details. All money raised from the sale of these stamps still goes to our supported charities.

The 2007 Red Pouches are: Alan Baldock, Chris Welsh, Lynn McGhee, Mark Benton, Paul Taylor, Tim Rapley, Tony Barringer, Lynn Tilley, Pippa Corbett, Angela Hall, Bill Clough, Bev Clough, Sarah Clough, Nick Burch, Thomas Rowell, Gary Liston, Andrew Hencher, Ian Blows, Roz Eadon, Alan Hawes, Phil Stanbridge, Jane Packman, James Cicchelli, Emma Fellows, Lisa Ablett, Dave Asplen, Karl Hillen, Janny, Nicky Jackson, Beryl Wilson, Sophie Reichert, Paul Blacktop, Peter Reynolds, Chris Chilvers, Harry Arbuckle, John Baslinton, Vicky Cook, Jenny Hunter, Lee Clack, Sue Foxwell, Steve Ratcliff, Phil Beattie, Tony Watkins, Anne Greenwood, Richard, Mick Patel, David Darimpole, Dave Barrett, B Hostler, C Hostler, and Matt Gardner.