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We beat the 3 Peaks

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Ben Nevis

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Saturday 25 July 2009 has come and gone, and our Challenge is over for another year, but what a Challenge ! Without fail, every single person who was involved with this has come away from it much richer in spirit and having forged some great relationships along the way.

Some of us met for the very first time the day we left Cambridge to tackle this Challenge, but now there's a link between us all that says we did something very special. Whether we were in the fast group, the slower group, a driver, a cook, whatever it was that we ended up doing over these two days in July 2009, it was special.

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A great team effort, a great human experience - people from different backgrounds, different places, but with one common goal - the achievement of something special, and raising money for people less fortunate than ourselves - that's teamwork at its best.

We are currently gathering all our sponsorship together, so if you did kindly support us, we'd be really grateful if you could pay on-line as soon as possible. Just follow the links on the right to the Charities Trust - don't forget to claim Gift Aid when making your donation. Of course we want to thank everyone who has donated - you've made the pain, the effort and all the planning worthwhile ... thank you !

Final thought for the moment - we're already thinking about next year ! We hope to soon be able to let you know what 2010 holds for us, but for the time being, if you're interested in getting involved, you know where to find us .......







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