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photos of the challenge

Following the glorious weather of Scotland, the sharp contrast in the Lake District was only exceeded by the horror of Scafell Pike. Our test run in June had been bad - that was nothing compared to this ! It was spiteful and as a result, fewer photos to choose from. Here's the best :


Early, early morning at Scafell

Looking back at the beast

Simon starting Scafell

Fluffy white clouds

Bloody horrible

Is there anyone there ?

Si, happy again

What are we doing ?

First group start off on Scafell Pike

Finished but not finished off

Weather closing in

Cloud thickening

Nearly finished

We have got to be crazy

Paul coming down

Going up

Pretty but lethal

Looks pleasant enough

Get this one out the way

What stream ? I didn't see a stream

Not pleasant !


Close to the bottom












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