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Time to meet the crazy people doing the Challenge. Click on the thumbnail for a better view and let's introduce:


Chris Welsh - member of the original Red Pouches and leader of the 2009 team and seen here at the summit of Ben Nevis

Lynn McGhee - another of the original Red Pouches and determined to win the sponsorship battle ! and not liking her original photo.

Tim Blake - also an original team member, and rejoining the team this year

Paul Taylor - our Ironman competitor and third time Red Pouch member


Alec Pybus - second year joining the team, and really looking forward to the Challenge

Peter Ford - more lovingly known as Willy ! Second time out with the Team and the man setting the pace


Peter Reynolds - tandem man last year, walking man this year


Steven Card - a new man on the team, and such a handsome fellow


Craig Abbs - another new man on the team, and a formidable walker - Rutland Water ? No problem !

Martin Binks - second year on the team, and miniature motor racing supremo

Paul Blacktop - long standing member of the team, and speedy on the treadmill


And guess who's the Captain of the Under 15 Rugby team ? Answers on a postcard and no prizes


Andy Atkinson - first time out with The Red Pouches, and wanting to remain anonymous. Some say, he's a little too fond of cocoa butter, all we know is he's called The Ako

Richard Brusell - a new team member, and quickly established as the team Funny Man. A story for every occasion.

Steve Ratcliff - third time as Team member having done the London to Cambridge Cycle Ride in 2007 and 2008.

Simon Crow, second year on the Team, and the only non Royal Mail team member. This is Simon at the bottom of Snowdon at the end of the Challenge.

The latest addition to the Team and no stranger to physically demanding events, Simon Jackson, seen here at the finish of the Paris Marathon in April this year.

Mark Pleasance - first time joining the Team, and enjoying the Scafell Pike test run here

Also enjoying a well earned break up Scafell Pike, and far too energetic for his own good is Matt Fisher

Another new member of the Team, and specialising in the support role of driver and chef, Dave "Roachy" Roach










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