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1 April - Confirmation today from the Charities Trust that we can get matched funding up to 200 from Royal Mail. Full details awaited to see exactly what we can apply for.

Today's big news is that one of our Team has hit 1011 of sponsorship, and that's in just two weeks. This is a remarkable achievement. Well done to the lady team member who wants to remain anonymous. Click here to see her picture from the rogues gallery. This takes current confirmed donations to 2516. Fantastic position for us to be in.

2 April - a bit of confusion around T shirt sizes, so here's a quick cross reference

Small Medium Large X Large 2X Large 3X Large 4X Large 5X Large
36/38 40 42 44 46/48 50/52 54/56 58/60

Sorry about that - thought everyone would know that 5XL is for the big boys only !

Also today, Willy's getting in on the sponsorship race - he's up to 200 now. Let's have your running totals so that we can get an idea for how well we're doing. Well done Willy !

Thanks for the feedback on the logo - some really constructive stuff coming back ranging from it's great, to you can't count ! We've added a third peak !! Funny that .... a logo for the 3 peaks challenge, but only showing 2 peaks ..... duh !

3 April - we've opened a chat room !! Follow the links here, and register. We're having a test run chat on Sunday 5th April - chat room opens up at 7.30pm. Topics will include training, sponsorship, equipment, travel arrangements, and resources needed to keep you guys fed and watered on the day. Maybe chat on Sunday ?

3 April - great news today from the Charities Trust !! Our matched funding can be applied to each Royal Mail Group person taking part. That means, if we reach our group target of 4000, we will get matched funding of 3400. Full details of how we secure this will come to the team by email.

5 April - our Chat Room went live today, with just a few technical issues, and only 3 of us joining. We'll give it another go in a few days to see if we can get some more of us involved. For those who did join in, it was actually quite good fun.

9 April - the organising group met. We've decided to make a small donation (200 or so) to Mountain Rescue - Heaven forbid that we'll need to use their services on our challenge, but there is a view that is expressed quite widely on 3 peaks sites that in an effort to raise money for one charity by doing the 3 Peaks Challenge, some teams just end up stretching the resource of another charity, Mountain Rescue, who are entirely serviced by volunteers. So we'll be making a donation !

Also covered off, and shared with the Team by email was what we need to do to get our matched funding through The Charities Trust. Please make sure those that can register do .... this is worth too much not to spend the few minutes needed to register !

Training runs are developing well, and it now looks like there are three planned training runs. Andy's arranging a day long walk around Grafham Water and the surrounding area in late April/very early May, and we'll be sharing this detail shortly. We're rapidly approaching our Snowdon test run on 23 May, and we're still planning the Yorkshire 3 Peaks on either Saturday 20th or 27th June. That's 4/5 weeks after Snowdon, and 4/5 weeks before the main Challenge.

More coming to you by email.

14 April - looking at the info flying about the Blog Zone, it appears that the Army were out training with a Greek fellow called Stavros over the weekend. Whoever they are, they managed 18 miles but apparently the camel wasn't very well prepared !! It's all lost on me !

Training walk - this Saturday 18 April - Grafham Water and the surrounding area, a lecture in cocoa butter ! Contact Andy for more details on the walk and the cocoa butter if you're interested.

17 April - great news ! we now have a direct link from EACH's website to us which should draw more EACH supporters to our Challenge. Thanks to the website team at EACH for making this happen. This is where we are on their site.

18 April - the training walk around Grafham Water happened today, with Stavros the camel and Andy the Stig taking part. Three and a half hours of good quality walking is yet another great effort in preparing for the Challenge. Well done boys ! 97 days to go !

19 April - chat room opened at 7.30 sharp but just five chatters on line. Mr Blakey, Ako Atkinson, Welshy the Camel and Klingon61 kept the conversation going for a while. Slight concern that Monk1 seemed to be a bit of a chat room stalker for a while - join in next time !

Tim and his wife took in a 12 mile walk today along the more hilly parts of Hertfordshire. Starting at Royston Heath, the walk took in Therfield, then on to Reed. The long walk to Barkway is halted for a pint, before the trek back into Royston. Need to build that stamina, team.

Countryfile explored the area around Ben Nevis - BBC 1 - if you missed it, click here.

28 April - we had a display stand at the Royal Mail event at Anglesey Abbey today, and some of the team were there to collect donations. Haven't got a final figure yet, but it looks like we got around another 200 for our efforts. Every penny helps !! Thanks to those who donated.

29 April - T-shirts have been made and collected from the manufacturers, and they look great. Will try get these out to everyone next week. Please don't get them damaged or anything like that as we want to be wearing these for some publicity shots and when we're doing the challenge itself.

30 April - with some updates on donations coming in today, we're now up to 3466 pledged before any matched funding from Royal Mail. Good news for our charities.