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1 May - Slight problem with one or two of the t-shirts. Most have now been delivered to the team, but unfortunately the manufacturer supplied us with too many Medium sizes and not enough Large, so three t-shirts have gone back to be replaced. We'll get these to the affected people as soon as they are ready.

5 May - Reports are emerging of lots of training activity over the bank holiday weekend. Looks like Iron Man Paul has been taking it easy by his standards in Cornwall with two 5 milers and a 15 mile trek along the Lands End peninsula over the weekend.

Closer to home Willy and Cardy took in some serious action on Thursday, so much so that Willy got the biggest blister the world has ever seen ! No seriously, he ended up getting a rather bad infection in his foot, and antibiotics were order of the day. His foot was so bad he wasn't able to make the river walk on Saturday.

The river walk was fairly well attended with both the Monks taking part (Peter & Black), the Camel put in a guest appearance and made sure his hump was full of water for this little exercise, Alec was there but there weren't enough hills for his poles to come in handy, and Lynn tagged along as well because she didn't have a nail appointment and was at a loose end !! Nice camo pants being worn by Black, we hear.

Big news of the day - don't let Peter navigate !! Fancy getting lost and blaming the signs for being wrong. Hopefully the signs on Ben Nevis will be clearer !

Great effort all of you who put in the miles over the weekend - well done !

6 May - Good news ! The remaining t-shirts have been collected today - these will be sent out on Thursday for the last remaining team members (Black, Simon, Tim and Matt).

Just a reminder - we're at the East Anglia Children's Hospice Gala Day on Saturday, and we'll have a display stand and will be raising more money on the day for our challenge . Andy, Lynn and Chris C have confirmed they'll be there. The event runs from 11.00 to 3.30, so we'd welcome seeing any of the team down there to support. Access to the event is through the Pi Shurlock entrance on Ely Road, Milton in the grounds of Milton Hall. Here's a satellite photo of the area.

9 May - A good day for us. We had a stand at the East Anglia Children's Hospice (EACH) Gala Day today. We raised 487 taking our current total of pledges and donations to 4,006. Sorry team, that now means we increase our target again ! Our new target is 6,000 !! Big thanks to Lynn, Andy and Rich for helping out today.

11 May - Got another gift for each of the team. Bob Taylor, the National Uniform Manager has kindly given us 18 of the new Royal Mail light weight cagoules for our challenge. They are fantastic, and will come in really handy if we hit wet weather - you never can tell with the British weather so best to be prepared. Thanks to Bob for these really useful items. Team members will get these in the next few days.

15 May - New page added ! As we prepare for our Snowdon test run next weekend, we've added a new page to the site which shows personal films of the 3 Peaks Challenge from other groups who have completed this challenge. Have a look at them - they give a fantastic insight into what we'll be facing, but also shows how quick it can be done by some. Click here

17 May - Chat Room this evening was absolutely hilarious - a small but highly select group joined including some new chatters with someone going by the name of Sex Bomb ! The irony wasn't lost on our new guest who changed his name to Fat Man Walking quite quickly after all the ribbing ! Disturbingly, there was a major security breach, and the chat room was gate crashed by a visitor calling herself Abbs's Number One Fan. Priceless to see a cyber squirm - well done Abbs's Number One Fan !! We heard great stories of doing the London Marathon as part of a rigorous training plan ! An education was given by this young fan who in turn earned herself a clip around the ear from her doting Dad !!

19 May - just 4 days to go to our Snowdon test run and preparations are going well. Looks like there'll be eleven of us travelling.

Our online games seem to be getting some action. The new Footballer's Quiz sees a new name on the leader board - Black has streaked into a commanding lead - 11751 is the score to beat. Scores are based on correct answers and fastest times.

Funny .... we have a new name on The Blocker leader board too - there's a right royal battle developing between Poodle and Black, with Black just edging it at the moment.

There's a new puzzle in our gallery as well. Have a look and see how quickly you can complete it.

23 May - the Snowdon test run - an absolutely fantastic effort from the team. A long, long day but so worth the effort and the time. Much learned from the test run, and we'll gather individual feedback from those who went and post it here so we can all benefit.

We made a short film of the day, and there's some spectacular pictures to come too. Click here to watch the film - it's a big file so best suggestion is to download it to your computer. High quality copies on DVD are available - just ask !




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