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1 June - Another month goes by, and our Challenge draws ever nearer - 53 and a bit days to go today !

Competition for website game domination is growing too - the battle between Poodle and Top Black continues with Poodle just edging the challenger in both the Footballer's Quiz and Blocker. There is a slightly sinister feel developing though - Top Black has morphed into Poodle Killer ! We can tell the pressure is on .... !

On the puzzle front, Ironman is the sole contender at the moment - other competitors can't find all the pieces !! They are there, now rise up to the challenge.

3 June - Some big decisions made today in our planning meeting - the details have been emailed to the Team. Most important is some changes to the logistics for the main event in July. Our Snowdon test run showed that we don't have enough space on the minibuses for the amount of time we're going to be stuck in them, so we've increased the number to 3.

3 minibuses means more space, but also allows us to make some final changes to the Team. Craig now becomes our third driver, and we have 3 new climbers joining us. Rob Newton from Quadrant in Cambridge, Mark Pleasance from the Mail Centre Engineers, and Simon Jackson from Haslingfield SPDO all join the Team. Welcome to you all - you'll all be great, and will easily fit in with all the other crazies in the Team !!

Our final, final team now looks like this:

Chris Welsh, Lynn McGhee, Tim Blake, Paul Blacktop, Steve Ratcliff, Peter Reynolds, Paul Taylor, Alec Pybus, Peter Ford, Richard Brusell, Simon Crow, Andy Atkinson, Martin Binks, Matt Fisher, Rob Newton, Mark Pleasance, Simon Jackson and Steven Card. Dave Roach, Craig Abbs and Chris Clingham are our drivers.

You can meet the new members of the Team here.

5 June - a major new development for us to increase our sponsorship ! Today we open our very own secure on-line shop selling 3 Peaks items ranging from baseball caps to mugs to ladies underwear. All products bear our 3 Peaks logo, and 1.00 from every item sold goes to our charities. Click our logo anywhere on this site and be taken direct to our shop, 3 Peaks Gear. There'll be new products added periodically so make sure you're checking to see what's new.

12 June - the Snowdon photos that Alec took are now on the web. There's a new page for the test runs, and you can find Snowdon here. Also included now is a Site Map - with the site getting bigger and bigger each day, and now having 30 pages, navigation is starting to be bit more difficult. The site map has every page, and every external link listed. Just click on the globe icon scattered around the pages if you want to get to the site map.

Saturday 20 June - our second and last large scale training session, and what a pig of a day ? Rain, low cloud cover, wind, horrible, horrible winding little roads, and a couple of the team not feeling fully fit as well. Even with these things to put us off, it was still a great day and again much learned from the exercise.

Guess what ? There's a video of course and you can find this along with some photos by following the link here.

Time is marching on - just 5 weeks to go.



Watch our Snowdon video !





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