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Scafell Pike test run

Saturday 20 June - our second large scale training session, and what a pig of a day ? Rain, low cloud cover, wind, horrible, horrible winding little roads, and a couple of the team not feeling fully fit as well. Even with these things to put us off, it was still a great day and again much learned from the exercise.

Key learning points this time - make sure we're parked up at the right car park !! It makes a pretty big difference to the length of the walk - don't worry, we know where we've got to go next time.

Another learning point - motion sickness ! With these very windy and up and down roads, a few of the team felt quite queasy. Take some motion sickness tablets to help !

The really good news is that this is the worst of the three mountains, and we climbed it on a really grotty day.  We've done the best, and we've done the worst. Two out of three done - that makes us pretty well prepared.

Bring on the Challenge - just 5 weeks to go.

The video !

Watch it here

That's a very dull

and wet day

Left all alone

Getting ready to go

Ako striding out

Coming back down - a bit of traffic

Mark re-adjusting his kit

Eddie Baby - a former Red Pouch joined us for the day

He's going to fall in - sure of it

That's a pretty angry sky

On the way up

Getting higher and cloudier

One man and his poles

Eddie again - enjoying every step of it

The top - where's everyone gone ?

Cloud's clearing a bit

Are we there yet ?

Stunning views again

The new 3 amigos

Perfect poise