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Snowdon test run

Saturday 23 May - our first large scale training session with the team. Eleven of us make the journey to Snowdon to see what it's really like, and the trip is invaluable. It gives a great insight to what the travelling is going to be like, and gives everyone a really good feel for what's in store on the "easiest" of the three mountains.

A great day, captured here in photos of some fantastic scenery, and also our video made of the day.

Saturday 20 June - our second large scale training session, and what a pig of a day ? Rain, low cloud cover, wind, horrible, horrible winding little roads, and a couple of the team not feeling fully fit. next training run, this time to Scafell Pike. Watch out for photos of this one as well.


Black and Poodle making final adjustments before they're off

Stavros the Camel full of energy - 4 hours to go !

Big smile and thumbs up from Cardy

If in doubt, take pictures ! Poodle, Poodle Killer and The Ako looking good

Black, Stavros, Sprat and Abbo - smiles all round ... well nearly

On the job coaching with Ratters in the background

Mail Centre and DO hand in hand. Look at that scenery !

Willy and Cardy - partners all the way

Ratters looking good and ready to lead the way

Keep on going guys. We've only just started

Wow !! That's beautiful !!

Clouds coming in - that's quite scary really

Mountain and lake - all of nature's beauty

Another stunning shot - look at the colours - glorious !

You can't beat this for a view, or maybe you can ?

A rest at last

Another break before the final push - that's the top in the background

The strain showing just a bit - reaching the top !

Black getting the last bits of footage for the video

The three amigos taking it all in at the top

Sprat making sure it is the top

Success ! The team at the top

The view from the highest point in Wales

Smiles all round










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