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for the quieter moments !

The games sprinkled around the site have proved very popular, so here they all are in one place.

Top scores will be updated regularly to see who's leading the way, and to keep that friendly competitive edge sharp.

New games coming on line soon !


Poodle edges ahead of Top Black and someone calling themselves Poodle Killer - things are getting serious !


Poodle leads the way with the top score of 11,823 - who's going to knock Poodle off her fluffy tail ?


Ironman has this one all to himself ! Have we found something that Poodle can't do ?

 Sound Memory

Who's going to take the lead on this one ? Not another game to be dominated by the Poodle surely ?

 Black Jack

For the gamblers in the team. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Build your stack, and then lose it all again.







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