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1 July - Since the Scafell Pike test run, things have been pretty quiet. Training still continues, and some of the team who haven't been able to do either of the test runs are putting in many hours on the treadmills. Another month goes by, and our Challenge draws ever nearer - 24 days to go today - it really is drawing near now.

8 July - Today the Royal Mail Press Office confirms that Press Releases will be going out to local media on Monday 13 July to promote our Challenge. BBC Look East have expressed some interest in us making a video diary to be shown on Look East, but we await formal confirmation of that before getting too excited. Things have a habit of changing quickly in media circles - depends on whether it's a slow news day !

11 July - Just two weeks to go, and team members are getting excited, apprehensive, eager, trepidatious, impatient .... and a whole host of other long words describing the emotions people are going through right now. It seems like we've been talking about this for ages, and now it's almost here - just days away - the climax to a lot of hard work.

14 July - Press Releases issued and two stories already. Cambs24, the online news provider for Cambridgeshire ran this story, and arrangements are in place for Chris Welsh, our esteemed leader, to be interviewed live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast Show at 7.50am on Wednesday 15 July. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire can be found on 95.7FM and 96.0FM. Good luck Chris !!

15 July - Christoff Rules ! Unfortunately he doesn't know where Scafell Pike is, but he did a great job. Here's his BBC Radio Cambridgeshire interview from this morning. Of course, not to miss an opportunity, we had a camera there, and this is Chris hanging up a wall

16 July - Final update goes out to the Team in readiness for our departure on Friday 24 July. Main focus is feeding arrangements including plans for our send off from Cambridge on Friday.

23 July - A very late team change. Steve Ratcliff is unavoidably unable to join the Team sadly and so we have the benefit of Duncan Stephenson joining us. Dunc has done the 3 Peaks Challenge a number of times in the past and is the only person we know who has experience of Ben Nevis, and therefore his involvement is most welcome, not to mention the 100 he promises to donate as well.

24 July - Departure day ! There is an air of controlled excitement about the office. Team members gather to run through the final plans and to enjoy some time together before starting the journey to our overnight stop in Carlisle. It's good to see everyone together at last, and following the final safety briefing and travel arrangements being outlined, and some photos to remember this madness, the Team are keen to get moving, and away we go at 2:38pm on Friday 24 July 2009.

25 July - A nice relaxing morning after a pleasant evening, a good breakfast and swim for some, and the Team is again eager to get a move on to start the Challenge proper. We set off from Carlisle at 10:36am for the final 210 mile drive to Ben Nevis hoping to make good time so that we can start the Challenge earlier in the day.

We fail to take account of the World Highland Games taking place in Callandar, and the traffic chaos this causes really puts us up against the clock. Our plan to go early is scuppered by great big men in skirts, but we won't argue with them !!

A quick stop in Fort William for final provisions, and we make our way to the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel where we plan to start our epic Challenge. The time is 4:47pm ... 13  minutes earlier than planned .... and we're off. Good luck everyone !




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