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photos of the day

We want to build a great big photo gallery to remember the efforts on the day. If you took any photos of the event, or you know anyone who took snaps on the day, can you please email them to so that we can include them here.

Our resident postcard and stamp designer Barry Smissen was on hand to take photos and these will be included here within the next few days, but please send us anything you have to build this into a really big section of the site.

Here's a start ! Click the image to get a better view.





 God it's too early for this

 Can't wait to get started



 The convoy sets off

 Pilots ready to fly



 How long did that take ?

 Posing for the News



 Bikes everywhere

 Time for a beer



Arriving at last 

Celebrating success 



Who's a good boy ? 

Nick Burch - a young pilot 



Final adjustments for Alan 

Smilers - not cycling ! 



The target ! 

 Tony - first home



Nick again

 Sophie's success



 The 3 amigos

The smile says it all ! 



 Landing gear down

I'm sick of wheels 

Send in your digital photos so we can all share in the fun and pride of such a great achievement. Email them to