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You can now sponsor us in a variety of ways.

First, you can do the traditional way by  tracking one of us down, and donating to us in person.

You can email us at sponsorship@redpouches.org.uk and we'll help find the best way for you to support us.

You can donate on-line using your credit/debit card through the Charities Trust.

This is the quickest and easiest way, and by using this donation method, our employer, The Royal Mail Group, will make additional supporting donations depending on how much we raise.

In 2009, Royal Mail Group boosted our fund by 3600 which was absolutely fantastic support.

We'll still get support from Royal Mail even if you sponsor us through other means, but donating through the Charities Trust is just a little easier for us. Money we raise through The Charities Trust is given straight to our charities.

To donate through The Charities Trust, click their logo below, and don't forget to claim your Gift Aid. Gift Aid is a tax relief for charitable donations, and for every 100 we raise, the taxman gives the charities an extra 28. It'd be foolish not to take advantage ! If you're a UK Tax Payer, you can claim Gift Aid.


Sponsor us here ! These charities need your help !





Sponsor us here ! These charities need your help !


You can track how we're doing reaching our target. Just click here and you can see.